Friday, June 11, 2010

Moving Mountains APX Style

Winning prizes is a great feeling, but it isn't the greatest feeling. That feeling comes from helping others and seeing others be successful. Making new friends, encouraging others or just being there to listen. When you feel it in your heart, no other feeling comes close. Sometimes you can move mountains with your heart.

A week ago I won the APX Alarm Memorial Day weekend contest. Thank You APX Alarm! A $150 Walmart Gift Card & a $25 Bath & Body gift card. Great gifts, especially when you are unemployed and in need of some extra support. My wife was very excited to find out that we had won and told anyone who would listen. I too was very excited, but for different reasons. For me, one big reason was because my friends were excited for me and I received many messages of congratulations from, not only my friends, but people I had never heard of who were active on the APX wall. That is just a small indication of what APX Alarm has accomplished over the past couple months.

Perhaps APX Alarm has been doing this all along, considering that their CEO, Todd Pederson, was named Entrepreneur of the year by Ernst & Young! I have only recently discovered this Company and they continue to impress and amaze me with there marketing that is focused on getting people involved and doing it in an entertaining, fun and competitive way. Because of my interaction with APX Alarm I have made new friends, learned about needs in the world that I wasn't familiar with and have been inspired with new ideas for helping others. I have worked to inspire others with my posts and comments on the APX Wall and feel that I have touched lives thanks to the opportunity APX Alarm has provided.

APX Alarm and their APX Gives Back project has done more than I believe anyone realizes. It has brought people together for, not just one cause, but for many. It has created new friendships. It has created new partnerships. It has created awareness in a very big way and has inspired charities with new ideas to take the next step in furthering their goals of greater awareness. It appears to me that when the contest ends and six charities walk away with some much needed funds... Every charity that was involved will be much better off, just in awareness gained, then they would have been had they not participated. Everybody wins!

When you provide the right tools and have the commitment of everyone in your organization who is following their heart, you can move mountains APX style! Thank You APX Alarm!

Note to my readers: Being the father of a six year old with Prader-Willi Syndrome, I am inspired by my little girl to help all children with Special Needs and as you can imagine, that is a mountain of a task. May I ask for your support in my effort to get my own Talk show "Special Inspirations" in the Oprah sponsored "Your OWN Show" contest. If we can at least get the views, comments and vote numbers up to a high level, we may attract attention to the need for creating more awareness through television for the growing numbers of children struggling with disabilities. People, politicians, Corporations and especially the media, like to give their attention to what is popular. Please help me make my idea for the "Special Inspirations" Talk Show, popular. Please click this link , view, vote and comment.