Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Eleven Year Old Hamburger!!!

I talked with a woman last night at a Shaklee product fair who brought with her a hamburger that she had purchased from McDonalds... Eleven years ago!  She was using it in a heart health demonstration.

She got the idea from someone she had met many years ago and she found it hard to believe that a hamburger would not rot, mold, smell nasty or attract bugs. She had to see for herself.  Since the day she purchased the plain hamburger, she has kept the hamburger in the kitchen out of the reach of the dog. After a while it dried out and had to be moved into a bowl to keep from losing pieces in demonstrations. Still in the original wrapper, the bun was broken, hard & dry and had a very small hint of mold on one spot possibly from handling.  The hamburger itself was hard, dry and looked almost like the plastic hamburger you find in toy sets.

I am not going to speculate on exactly what that means, but I am sure many individuals have their own opinion. I have heard of these claims of old hamburgers before and seen other examples, but I too am skeptical.  And why is it that everyone picks on McDonalds?

Seeing is believing!

I have decided to conduct my own experiment.  I talked to my oldest children last night about working with me on this. We have decided to purchase three plain hamburgers from the top three fast food restaurants and grill up one of our own.  We will take pictures daily and post them to my other Blog with a brief report.  At the first sign of trouble... Foul odors or bugs, the burger is gone!

I suspect that moistness has something to do with the future of these burgers & buns and obviously I expect to find that the fast food hamburgers will out last my own creation.  We already suspect that some are prepared, packaged and shipped to restaurants for rewarming and serving.  And of course they have to taste good, so who knows what is going into them to give them that custom flavor.

How about nutrition?  I haven't a clue, but we plan to do some research as a part of this project.

Unfortunately, many of us are not getting the proper nutrition because of our hurried lifestyles. What is amazing to me is that many don't realize the energy potential from a strong foundation of natural vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. They choose instead to rely on coffee or energy drinks for that needed boost.

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Would You Jump... For $10,000?

I have always said... "I'll try anything once".  Boy could that cover a lot of territory!  I guess I really should clarify that with, "almost anything".  
Imagine that someone was to offer you $10,000 to jump out of an airplane without a parachute?  For someone who used to be a paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne and in need of cash, my first thoughts might be of how I could make like "Rambo" and aim for some trees to slow down my decent or to consider the possibility of making a good landing to take on the impact and survive. Oops! I forgot to ask from what height. Of course no one in their right mind would consider jumping out of a perfectly good airplane without a parachute.  Or would they?  What if the airplane was a piper cub and it was still parked on the tarmac? 
It is so easy for us to make quick decisions before getting all the details and as a result we sometimes are stuck recovering from a poor decision or kicking ourselves for not looking into a good opportunity that we could have been benefiting from all along.  
My wife just showed me a big advertisement in the local newspaper that appeared to be a news article about a new, clinical strength, diet pill.  Had I not taken a closer look and read it fully, I would have thought someone had discovered a miracle pill for weight loss and that some reporter was breaking the story.  Ok, so it's an advertisement!  It still interests me because of my daughters syndrome.  In researching it further, I found a simple professional looking website with a 2010 copyright.  It listed as its active ingredient, an extract of the Caralluma Fimbriata plant from India (known to have potential). Clinical trials were conducted for four weeks with 26 participants. hmmm  No problem, I still have a lot of time left to research this before the limited time, 48 hour, discount offer expires. 
Well, you know the old saying “if it sounds to good to be true... It probably is”. In many things I read about this diet pill and the company promoting it, there were a lot of questions raised about who actually did the “undocumented” clinical trial, ownership of the so called “patented process” and whether the only ingredient listed is even included.  The diet pill in question has been around for a few years and you would think that by now they would have been able to establish a reputation or more results to back up their claims.  Obviously they still feel the need to deceive potential customers through advertising disguised as breaking stories.  
I have not shared the name of this product with you because these are only my opinions and I believe we should all form our own opinions in everything, based on our beliefs and needs.  Research is critical when it comes to our families health and that which we put into our bodies.
That is why I am such a big fan of Shaklee and all of it’s products. In the absence of government oversight in the growing supplement industry, Shaklee has gone over and above to prove the quality and safety of it’s products with over $250 million in research, over 80 thousand tests each year and over 100 scientific papers (90 of them published in peer-reviewed scientific journals) that support product safety and efficacy.  And so much more!  

Take a little time to explore Shaklee and see for yourself the potential that this 54 year old company has to offer you and your family.
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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Five Second Rule... For Health

   I was reminded today of my journey as a parent... With the pacifier.  For those with two or more children, perhaps you can relate.

     As a new parent many years ago, I had trouble sleeping for the first few months.  We had our new baby next to our bed and I still had to have a monitor so I could listen to her breath (to know that she was doing so).  As she grew and became attached to her pacifier, it was a constant battle to keep it germ free.  If it hit the floor, it needed to be cleaned.
     With the birth of my son, I was now more experienced. I slept a little better and we now had a 5 second rule with the pacifier that quickly moved to 10 seconds, then oops.  
     With the birth of our third and fourth, the twins, things changed dramatically for many reasons.  First with the youngest, Juliann (by 30 minutes), there was pretty much no real rule, as long as the pacifier didn't turn up gross. She had several she alternated between as she grew and would lose one now & then, only to have it turn up days later... Back in her mouth.  This is probably a normal sequence of transitions between children in most families, but we were not a normal family as we quickly found out.
     Back to square one... With the oldest of the twins.  Kirsten was born with Prader-Willi Syndrome (PWS) and we were learning of new concerns that had us back in the stressful stage of child rearing, with new concerns and new experiences ahead.
     What hit me hard today was the fact that, like the pacifier evolution, a medical issue with Juliann is like the pacifier that has been under the couch for weeks.  It's fine as long as nothing is growing from it!  However with Kirsten, the same medical issue is like the pacifier with my first child.  It was cause for concern until I had experienced it enough to know that it will all be ok. Consider this:
  • How many parents could picture themselves inserting a tube threw their child's nose into their stomach for feeding, at just the right length and hopefully not into their lungs. This is how we fed Kirsten for the first six months.
  • How many parents would have ever imagined giving their child daily injections... And we do two daily now.  It was one injection daily for years 1 through 5.
  • How many parents could stand the stress of watching their child poked and prodded in search of a good vein to draw blood from... Every three months since she was one!  
     I've also come to realize that as a parent of a child with PWS, I have a lot of experience to offer other parents who are not a part of the special needs community.  PWS has so many medical issues that are amplified creating greater concern, that our experience in battling or avoiding some of these issues is a great resource for parents fighting basic health and child rearing problems.  Here are some examples:
  • What your 80 lb child can eat in a day and burn off quickly, my 100 lb daughter can only have about half of because she does not burn calories effeciently.  We have learned to eat a very controlled and healthy diet, which after a lot of hard work has become accepted as the norm in our home.
  • The cold your child fights off through coughing and many over the counter medicines, my daughter struggles with because of low muscle tone (resulting in unproductive coughing) and limited access to over the counter drugs because of prescriptions she is taking.  We have helped her, not only by a healthy diet and exercise, but by removing as many toxins as possible from our home to try and limit potential breathing issues, by using organic cleaning products.  
  • The quality time that many families struggle to find time for, is something that is a necessity for us because it helps keep Kirsten's mind off food.  One of the issues with PWS is that she has a constant hunger that can, unsupervised, lead to overeating to the point of stomach rupture. She will never know fullness.  We have learned to have a lot of fun and keep activities somewhat  organized with many great family options, while getting exercise at the same time. 

     The bottom line, as a special needs parent I have learned so much more about child rearing than I would have without Kirsten.  More importantly, it has benefited my whole family in their health and their future.  It has also led me to a home based business that promotes products that are good for the family and the environment.  Imagine using effective organic window, all purpose or degreaser cleaning solutions at a cost of less than 10 cents per 16oz.  How about an organic laundry soap that costs between 17 and 36 cents per load.  Then there is also their nutritional line that is second to none in quality.  And so much more!
     I would love to share my experience as a father or tips for a healthier home & family to help you. There is so much available to us that is so easily overlooked. 
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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Where's the Bill??? For Health.

Perhaps it is that entrepreneurial spirit in me, but can health care reform really be a good thing for us?  I agree that the system is broken and costs are way out of control...  Yes, were still talking about health care only.  I don't pretend to know all the facts or have any clear understanding of what the future holds for us (does anyone, really?)...  But if the government has their hands in it, it can't be good.  
There are already issues with certain care providers that refuse to accept certain government sponsored insurance because of the governments limitations on charges and a sometimes lengthy delay on reimbursement.    Giving the government even more controls could lead to a decreased interest in practicing medicine for current and future medical professionals who had aspirations for pursuing the “American Dream” (and paying off those student loans).  Imagine putting your trust as a medical practice business owner in a government who will decide if, when or how much you will receive for services rendered.  Imagine being a parent of a child with special needs who can't get needed services or medicine because of a lack of government recognition or a budget shortfall.  
Perhaps it is not going to be as bad as all that.  Perhaps this is actually going to be beneficial to our future.  Perhaps in some twisted sense of logic, there is a potential for job creation and a reduction to the National Debt.  I am hopeful that this plan for health care reform is successful, but the comprehension of this plan that seems to keep changing is way over my head. This country is in critical need of some common sense strategies to improved health and providing health care is not as important as preventing the need for it. Where's the bill focused on healthier living?
We are a country of impatience. We want it all and we want it now.  If we really want to take control and make a difference for the future, especially for the overall health of our country, we need to make changes now.  We need to start with our own personal health care reform plan of action.  
We can start today by using organic cleaning products in our homes and by using real dishes instead of paper cups, plates and plastic utensils.  Start taking family walks or get our selfs an interactive game like wii which has some great games for getting the blood pumping.  Stop eating out at restaurants that have no interest in our health or the health of our families, especially the big M. Start preparing real meals which include a healthy portion of fruits & vegetables and get rid of those sodas.  You might be surprised at how much money you could save with these changes.
Consider this... Many of us can't get the nutrition we need from the foods we eat and there seems to be a shortage of vitamin D also, in many of us.  Is the possibility of improved health worth 35 cents a day? Is ridding your home, laundry, dishes and the environment of some of the toxins and chemicals that affect your health, worth a fraction of the cost of what you are probably paying for those popular store bought brands?  
I am an independent distributor for the #1 Natural Nutrition Company in the U.S. and this company, like our government, is trying to create jobs and improve the health of our country. They are doing this through natural nutritional supplements, healthy home cleaning supplies, weight management and beauty products.  Shaklee has already been doing this successfully for over 50 years and has a reputation for the highest quality products, service and training of their distributors. I would love to introduce you too their products and/or their "Dream Plan" that might fit into your own personal health care reform plan.  Please contact me through my website at for more information.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Living With Worms For Good Health

Have you ever eaten something disgusting on a dare? How about out of curiosity?  I've had my share of those glorious moments, especially while in the Army.  I also had one of those moments just recently with a cleaning product we've been using.  Don't worry, it was organic!  It did leave a bad taste for an hour or so that I couldn't get rid of.

Why would I do that? Why do we try anything that sounds or looks disgusting?  Who in their right mind really likes the taste of a cigarette, beer or coffee that first time?  I can remember trying cigarettes, but I just never could get past the coughing or taste, even in as much as I really wanted to "look cool".  When it comes to beer, that was a little easier.  It started as a game of quarters and I like a challenge, of course after enough misses and penalty drinks, taste and common sense are pretty much out the window. Coffee was the easiest to develop a taste for, especially with enough cream & sugar.

So what is it that drives us to try things that we know are bad for us, things that taste bad or things that are just to disgusting to imagine? That's easy! Weight loss, energy boosts, depression, boredom... Or a search for a "miracle cure".  The internet is full of off the wall remedies that don't sound appealing at all.  However, I believe I have come across the most unappealing cure of them all.  It involves "worm therapy".  Can you imagine allowing parasitic worms to enter your body in the name of good health?  Makes my skin crawl just thinking about it!

Believe it or not, way back in the day when we weren't as clean as we are today, it is believed that these parasitic worms were a natural form of human defenses against things like asthma, allergies and many other autoimmune diseases... Which were, by the way, a rarity by todays standards.  Check out the story behind these creepy crawlers... Click here.

I guess you could say that these parasitic worms could be a part of natural health and perhaps that earth worm your child just consumed on a dare may not be a good reason for a quick trip to the emergency room. So many "new and improved" chemical cleaners, hand sanitizers, processed foods and synthetic medicines. We are taking in so many chemicals and reengineered products, in so many ways, that our old tenants, the worms, didn't stand a chance.

Have you thought about how you can regain a more natural way of living that could perhaps extend your life as well as boost your energy levels or performance? I am not suggesting that you stop cleaning the house or start serving earth worms at meals. How about organic cleaners for laundry, dishes, windows and surface cleaning? Plain old soap and water for your hands? How about a nutritional source that is not laden with chemicals and toxins?  Perhaps if we detoxify our homes, and our bodies, the worms will return... Can that really be a good thing?

I'm not so sure that I want to "have worms", but natural nutrition and a healthy home is good for your health and for our planet. For natural products from the #1 Natural Nutrition Company in the U.S., please go to my website.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Putting That Lazy Thyroid Back to Work!

     AARRRGGG!  Don't you just hate it when you've been spending money that you didn't have to!  OK, perhaps I have jumped the gun a little.  Let me explain...

     I have been taking thyroid medicine for about ten years because of a thyroid disfunction caused by treatment for hepatitis C which I likely contracted in the Army. I had looked at natural alternatives many years ago, but I was to big a coward to take the risk of changing over to something that was not backed by medical professionals. Beside that, management and balance of a dysfunctional thyroid can take months, which means months of discomfort.  

     Doctor visits, as I am sure you will agree, can seem rushed with little accomplished and you can get the feeling sometimes that the doctor doesn't want to be bothered with the what if's and the possibilities.  A few months ago I took a question of possibilities, to my doctor on an annual physical, about my thyroid and the need for continued medication.  I had found an article suggesting that it was possible that the thyroid could rebound and that any medication being taken could be acting as a crutch preventing the thyroid from being fully functional (yes, it is a little more complicated). 

     I am happy to say that after follow-up blood work that produced normal levels from a couple of months on half a dose of my medicine... I stopped taking my medicine all together.  Although I do feel a little off, that is to be expected by any change to the chemical processes of the body. Follow up for final clearance is in six weeks. 

     So many people are avoiding the "what if" possibilities in life when it comes to their health and as a result, are going through life on crutches provided by a doctor who is trying to keep them comfortable... Perhaps more so than keep them healthy.

     Of course I am not suggesting that you ignore the advice of your doctor.  What I am suggesting is that you empower yourself with knowledge and explore healthier options in everything. I would not be on this journey had I not started trying to better understand and question things.  Through a better understanding gained in my own research, I have been able to formulate better questions and communicate those questions clearly to get better results.  

     My journey to get myself off thyroid medicine is not guaranteed, nor is it yet complete.  I am taking the advice of my doctor  and being monitored in my progress. I am also supporting my efforts through a good exercise program, a healthy diet and a daily regimen of nutritional supplements that includes a very potent cellular anti-aging tonic.

     What are you doing to free yourself from the crutches that hold you prisoner?  Regular exercise, a  healthy diet and proper nutrition is a great way to start. How about freeing yourself from some of those  toxins in the air?  If you would like more information about healthy home products that are good for the environment and your health, as well as nutritional supplements information... I can help.  As a Shaklee Independent Distributor for the #1 Natural Nutrition Company in the U. S., I want to help you and your family on your journey to better health.  Please visit my website at for contact and product information. 

Friday, October 1, 2010

Hand-Me-Downs, Grandpa's Old Genes

DNA... That's so 90's.  Today the real science is in Epigenetics which brings new meaning to the "sins of the father" bible reference.  
Sometimes I wonder if I am getting in way over my head when it comes to trying to understand the human body and more specifically, the differences in individuals with Prader-Willi Syndrome.  In my latest adventure I stumbled across something called epigenetics.  To give you a simple explanation of what is involved... Would be impossible!  "Our lifestyles and environment can change the way our genes are expressed, leading even identical twins to become distinct as they age."
Who cares, right?  The science and understanding has great potential for many things, including controlling weight... So I care... For my daughter.  And you should care for your children's children's children. There is great potential for good... And bad.  
What is really interesting is how my great, great, great grandfather/mother could have doomed my life through their lifestyle (inherited traits?).  It is no wonder we continue to face more and more issues with each new generation.   What is even more interesting is that there is potential to change that through gene expression manipulation or as one scientist described it, through "gene diplomacy" (I guess one could also compare it to prayer for forgiveness).  
A better understanding can be gained through this easy to follow and understand video at Nova/ScienceNow/Epigenetics .  If you want to view a few others on the potential and advancements in epigenetics, check out the Johns Hopkins Medicine Youtube channel and look for the videos on epigenetics by Andy Feinberg.  The John Hopkins channel is also a great resource for staying up to date on many things in the medical field and they are easy to understand.  
You might wonder why I think it is so important to be more knowledgeable on the bodies chemistry and composition. Well, in a word... Oversight!  Doctors have too much control over our lives because we don't understand how to care for ourselves properly when trouble arises.  I like to ask questions to avoid mistakes that are typically due to a miscommunication.  As an example: My relationship with my daughters endocrinologist has gotten much better in recent months. Not through his improved bedside manner, but  because of my increased understanding.  He was trying to communicate with my wife and I on too high a level and lacked the patience to take the time to try and explain things. 
I want to gain every advantage for my daughter as she struggles with Prader-Willi Syndrome. That is one of the main reasons I became a Shaklee Independent Distributor and use their products. All of their natural ingredients are put through a rigorous testing process before they are accepted for use.  When most Companies would and have continued production of products that have "acceptable levels" of toxic or foreign materials in ingredients, Shaklee would and has discontinued products due to inferior natural ingredients.  In 1998 Shaklee discontinued their very popular Panex Ginseng for over a year and a half because of inferior ingredients.   
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