Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Weight Loss Resolution Memories

Where has the time gone??? What happened to my New Years resolution to lose some weight? How did I lose sight of my weight loss goal so quickly? Should I get the chocolate eclair or the cherry filled pastry with my large coffee?

How can we not be happy when enjoying so many wonderful and tasty food creations? We live to eat, and we eat to experience joy with every mouthful. Unfortunately these tasty experiences are short lived and we are left to suffer from the end results… Until we can once again enjoy another salivation celebration.

Where did that weight loss resolution go? The fact is we had no real plan in place. We didn’t plan our journey to a healthier lifestyle because, let’s face it… There’s no fun in it! We are powerless against the very thing that leads us to depression, discomfort and sometimes, yes, even embarrassment.

  • So how can we recover from an unsuccessful start to the new year?
  • WHO says we only have eight months remaining to be successful???
  • Why do we put that kind of pressure on ourselves?

When you set a “deadline” you have already created one of the first obstacles in your path to success. Perhaps we need to stop setting unrealistic goals?

  • YES, we want to be successful now!

But, and this is a big but, until one of those guys that makes lots more money than us creates a miracle pill (smooth milk chocolate flavored of course) to instantly burn away fat, we are going to have to change our way of thinking.

Just as there are reduced speeds posted for curved roads to protect motorists from disastrous results, we must be careful in our weight loss plan not to do too much too fast. A “Get thin quick” program is not permanent and puts at risk the overall health of our bodies nutritional balance which affects our heart, muscles, joints, cells, ect. Developing good routines is the key to any good weight loss program and the best program has built into it, a day (or two) each month to splurge on all our favorites.

The solution to our weight loss problem may be simpler than you think, but sadly, without that chocolate flavored miracle pill, it will never be easy. Are you ready to resume your journey? Learn as I have learned, from the immortal words of Albert Einstein… OK, so it was his definition of “Insanity: Doing the same things over and over but expecting different results.” Change your way of thinking and start turning your life around to achieve the results you dream of.

Go to this link www.paylessforproducts.com for details on how to lose 10 pounds and other Dr. recommended resources for a healthier lifestyle.

Please read responsibly. I am not a doctor and I have no special qualifications related to the information that I provide in my blogs. I am however a devoted father who is concerned about the health, welfare and future of his family.

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

With a Real Job, You Don't Have to Weight!

Unemployment... A great start to a weight loss program! Although I wouldn’t recommend quitting your job as a first step to your diet, it does give you more time to focus on a healthy diet and more time to exercise (until the money runs out).

Are you working long hours and putting on weight because your eating a lot of restaurant food, drinking flavored coffees or soda and struggling to find time for a good exercise program? Chances are that those long hours are a result in some part of a poor diet and a lack of proper exercise. I should know because I was there. About five months ago I lost my job after twenty three years, that after spending about five months of the last seven months traveling and eating out quite often.

Since beginning unemployment, I have discovered a healthier lifestyle that has not only helped me lose some weight, but has also contributed to the health & well being of my family. It has not been easy to make changes in our home and I have not changed things so drastically that my wife and kids have mutinied. We are slowly turning this ship around.

The need to turn things around was a necessity due to the special needs of our six year old who has Prader-Willi Syndrome (PWS). The problems associated with this syndrome, including weight gain, were beginning to rear their ugly heads over the past year or so and the most prevalent problem associated with PWS is an insatiable appetite complicated by a low sensitivity to pain. My daughter at six knows the importance of eating healthy, but driven by hunger in the absence of healthy choices and controls in place is at risk of extreme obesity.

That being said, I am happy to say that because of our new found routines and healthier food choices, we have both lost a little weight and she has cut 50 points off her cholesterol level.

How did we do it? One change includes lots of fruits and vegetables. Almost every dinner meal is 50 to 75% vegetable. A steamed broccoli, cauliflower, green bean, carrot, turnip and snow peas mix is our favorite (the leftovers, including the vegitable water/juices mix, go into a healthy soup for another meal). Cantaloupe and/or fruit smoothies are our evening snack/desert of choice.

I inadvertently discovered these plans of action/tips/recipes in my search for employment as a result of creating an opportunity with a local doctor/friend. A result of this learning opportunity was the discovery of three simple e-books on goal setting, smoothies and weight loss, as well as a more involved program on habit busting. All things that can be found on the internet for someone ambitious enough and willing to try some trial & error research. If your curious, check out the free goal setting book at www.paylessforproducts.com where all of these are also available.

Please read responsibly. I am not a doctor and I have no special qualifications related to the information that I provide in my blogs. I am however a devoted father who is concerned about the health, welfare and future of his family.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Weight Loss Videos and So Much More!

Weight loss videos are everywhere! I happen to be doing some research this weekend in preparation for a communications workshop that I am conducting at a local college and it occurred to me that many of you may not realize that there is not only a wealth of information on the internet in general, but there are thousands and thousands of informational video’s on Youtube and other media sites. It’s where I look for tips, tricks, how to’s and inspiration.

There are video’s on anything you can imagine, including weight loss, exercise, diet do’s and don’ts and the list goes on and Youtube has a way of leading you from one subject to another if you let them, so it is best to remain focused. I came across many great video’s from “psychetruth”, one in particular gave me some food for thought and ideas to research. The “psychetruth” video was titled “The Truth About Diets and Weight Loss”. Although a lot of what Dr. Vincent Bellonzi had to say was nothing new to me, he mentioned some tips & suggestions that might be helpful, especially for my daughter who has PWS.

Then it hit me again... Like a two ton truck it hit me!

I am always looking for tips and ideas , but not just from doctors telling me to watch what I eat or what my child is eating. What does that mean exactly? I want to know what food to serve and in what proportions, but I can’t afford a dietitian or weight loss program with prepared meals. I want suggestions from people with the same struggles that I, my daughter or my family are going through. Wouldn’t it be nice to see more information from families on a regular basis about how they cope with life’s struggles? Meal suggestions, recipes and daily activities. How about family “best practices” in a weekly or daily blog.

I might be on to something here. Time to start rallying the troops to see if this battle has support.

Please read responsibly. I am not a doctor and I have no special qualifications related to the information that I provide in my blogs. I am however a devoted father who is concerned about the health, welfare and future of his family.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Weight... Until Easter is Over!

Weight loss and holidays don’t mix! Holidays are difficult enough when you have four young children, but when your goal is a healthier diet it can be especially challenging if there is a birthday involved and you add travel to the mix. Easter weekend, a trip to the Wisconsin Dells, dinner at my Sister-in-Laws and my oldest daughters birthday... Spells stress for my wife and I.

As I mentioned in my last post, one of my youngest has PWS and controlling her weight is a daily challenge. Although she knows she can not have all the delicious foods, candies, treats and drinks that many enjoy without a second thought, it does not stop the hunger, craving and want for it (she’s only six). Routines and control are typically the focus of the day and have helped considerably in weight management, but when you are out of your comfort zone it becomes quite a task.

Although we did well during our travel, it all came crashing down due to traditions. Coloring eggs was just the beginning and weight gain was inevitable! Easter candy at church, hard boiled eggs for eating after the fun of coloring them and then the big blow... Easter dinner with a wide selection of tasty dishes and treats at my Sister-In-Laws, complete with large chocolate rabbits on display from their kids morning spoils and pre-dinner appetizers. Top that off with a birthday celebration for recent past, present and near future birthdays, including my daughters which was a day away. More weight, I mean cake tomorrow!

Chalk it all up to a day of “splurging”. Even God took a day off! Don’t we all need something we can look forward to? The day we can eat anything we want, drink anything we want and relax without the weight of the world crashing down upon us, telling us how we should live, look and what our weight should be.

With my daughter it is all about rewards and limits. Focusing on proper diet is easier when there is an incentive. For my daughter, because of her insatiable appetite, food is the incentive (sprinkled with common sense). Many weight plans include a scheduled day of splurging or fattening rewards for goals achieved. As long as it works!

Please read responsibly. I am not a doctor and I have no special qualifications related to the information that I provide in my blogs. I am however a devoted father who is concerned about the health, welfare and future of his family.