Monday, July 5, 2010

Weight Loss Activities

What's your favorite exercise routine or weight loss activity? A few of my favorites are playing Pac Man or bowling on wii, a "dicing" game or reading a story book, watching a chica chica wawa movie and the list of "children's" activities goes on. Children's activities? YES!

In our home, keeping the focus off food is an ongoing requirement. You know what they say about idle hands... Well in our home, when my six year old daughter is not playing games, reading books, enjoying a movie, engaged in some busy work or activity, then she is focused on food. That is the biggest problem with Prader-Willi Syndrome. The insatiable appetite is ever present and like the rest of us, if we can stay focused on something, we can keep our minds off food.

My daughter was born with Prader-Willi Syndrome (PWS) and it is not something that can be cured. It is also not something that can be outgrown. She experiences more frequent hunger pains as she grows older and we are forced to be more proactive in gaining her attention & interest in activities to distract her from her food seeking behavior and drive. My daughter will never experience a feeling of fullness and as a result, is subject to the risk of extreme obesity or death. Individuals with PWS only burn calories at approximately 60% effectiveness compared to the rest of us and they also have low muscle tone & a low sensitivity to pain. My daughter was born at the lowest level of "low tone" if such a thing exists.

Many of us don't need to have Prader-Willi Syndrome to have a problem with weight gain. We are free to eat whatever we like, whenever we like and we do just that. We keep snacks & goodies on hand and we eat. We eat when were bored, when were watching TV, when were working, when were traveling and so on. When we have an event, a meeting, a party, a celebration... Food is always an important part of the plan. Isn't it funny how we can go for hours or even a whole day without any food when we are focused on an activity we are enjoying or pressured (focused) to complete?

What are the activities that keep your mind off food and help with your weight loss or weight control? My favorite activities are playing games with my daughter, reading her books, watching the Chipmunks movie or listening to my daughters stories of her fantasy life where there is no such thing as PWS and she can do all the things the other children can... Where every day its someones birthday, complete with all the ice cream & cake you can eat.