Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Day Nutrition

When I think about Thanksgiving Day, I can't help but worry a little about the family get together for food, conversation, more food, laughter and still... More food!

Many who celebrate Thanksgiving will forgo their normal diet to enjoy the many many tasty dishes & treats.  I myself can remember many Thanksgiving days that meant picking at food all day and feeling so full it hurt. Good times!  Those days are behind me as I try to set an example for my daughter who has Prader-Willi Syndrome.  For her, food is public enemy #1. Because of her limited metabolism and low muscle tone, any weight gain is extremely difficult to lose.  Also, because of her low sensitivity and high threshold for pain, she could easily overeat without any signs or indications and risk stomach rupture.

You might think that the holidays, and especially Thanksgiving, are a time of stress for my family and me.  We have our moments, but we not only have some good routines in place, even at seven years old my daughter has some understanding of the importance of moderation. In as much as my daughter enjoys food, she enjoys just as much, making mom & dad proud through her accomplishments (weight management) and good choices.

Speaking of good choices... Some may not think about it, but for many, Thanksgiving day will be a day that most eat healthier than any other day.  We may overeat... But even if we don't overeat, with the larger selection of REAL food, we are getting more of the daily nutrients that we need and quite possibly less of the processed junk that is weakening our systems.

Be very thankful for that Thanksgiving day feast and consider the difference between what you eat on Thanksgiving and what you eat any other day.  You may overeat on Thanksgiving day, but consider the quality of that wonderful food and... Enjoy!

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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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