Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Do You Want Fries With That?

You can only do so much... It has happened again!  I found information I wasn't looking for and as a result, I am starting a new experiment.

There are many things that knowledge and common sense will help me in, in saving time on research.  But then there is the unknown!  Knowledge of policy and common sense tells me that the government would not allow anything unsafe to be sold for consumption.  Ok, read on as soon as you stop laughing.

I can wait...

As I wrote in my last Blog, I was considering and am now conducting an experiment with hamburgers.  Four hamburgers to be exact.  A McDonalds, Wendy's, Burger King and home cooked hamburger.  There are many stories of old McDonalds hamburgers, but I wanted to conduct an experiment to compare many burgers to insure fairness to McDonalds.  This includes a hamburger of my own that should provide a good control specimen.  The experiment can be followed at this link "Terry's Notebook" .

This has been a very interesting experiment for me, but my kids lost interest quickly because of the absence of excitement.  Its kind of like watching grass grow, you have to have a lot of patience.

In my research to find verifiable facts about the ingredients or processing of these burgers, I have discovered many probable myths, exaggerations and all out lies about these hamburgers.  Anything from cows eyes to human flesh to being "from" 100% Beef (the Company), not the cow.   

The search for answers has been a tough road and the journey continues, but I have come across an interesting video that has me curious about the french fries that we order with our burgers.  Check it out at this link FRENCH FRIES???

The potential of my findings, with hamburgers and especially with fries, is that we really really have no idea what we are eating. It is no wonder that so many are suffering from health issues and nutritional deficiencies. Get yourself back on track with some healthy choices.  Broccoli is a good place to start.

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