Sunday, April 24, 2011

Donations to G.O.

Happy Easter everyone!  Today is a perfect time to post, as promised, about Dianne Miller and G.O. Ministries.

Two weeks ago I got to meet Dianne Miller of G.O. Ministries.  She is from this area and was visiting from her new home in the Dominican Republic where she works as a missionary.  Dianne was a guest speaker at our church where she shared her experience and how she was called to missionary work.  After church, Dianne shared many more stories over lunch.

Most of my Blog posts address food, illness, affliction and the needs of our children. All important, until you realize the suffering of those in other countries who have no relief or remedy from the things we complain about and work around. Such is the life in places like Haiti and the Dominican Republic. What is most stressing to me is the number of children who live in the streets who, like many of the children who actually have a home, don't have enough to eat.

Even worse, in the Haiti/Dominican Republic area, a child with special needs like my daughter who has Prader-Willi Syndrome, would be left in the streets and disowned... Considered broken and defective.   Dianne shared many sad stories, including the story of a little girl she tried to get much needed medical support for, but the help came to late.

You might ask... What does this have to do with health and Easter?  I shared today with our church congregation the thought that we spend to much time looking for answers and an "edge" to get ahead... When we should be looking for opportunities to help others, with a strong faith that our Lord will take care of us.  This is a healthy focus that is missing from many lives.

It is a big step to walk away from family and friends to work in a country where your own life is in danger every moment. A step that many of us are unable to take.  But there is an opportunity for us to help. G.O. Ministries works to feed, teach and provide medical care & shelter for many children and families.  They can not do this without our financial support. If you would like to help, click this link... Make a Difference.


  1. Thank you Terry for the reminder that it is about others that we should truly care. Mother Theresa has always been such an inspiration to me. I have read many books about her life. I am so inspired by her ability to give up a comfortable life and live amoungst the poorest in the streets of India amidst dispair and disease. She selflessly provided love and care to those who truly suffered. Thank you for reminding me of her and of all who give selflessly to others. They seem to me like angels.

  2. WOW Terry! I am so humbles by your support and encouragement! I have appreciated your notes and help. May God continue to bless you, your family and all the wonderful friends I meet at your church! To God be all the glory Dianne

  3. Humbled! (typo... :)