Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Eleven Year Old Hamburger!!!

I talked with a woman last night at a Shaklee product fair who brought with her a hamburger that she had purchased from McDonalds... Eleven years ago!  She was using it in a heart health demonstration.

She got the idea from someone she had met many years ago and she found it hard to believe that a hamburger would not rot, mold, smell nasty or attract bugs. She had to see for herself.  Since the day she purchased the plain hamburger, she has kept the hamburger in the kitchen out of the reach of the dog. After a while it dried out and had to be moved into a bowl to keep from losing pieces in demonstrations. Still in the original wrapper, the bun was broken, hard & dry and had a very small hint of mold on one spot possibly from handling.  The hamburger itself was hard, dry and looked almost like the plastic hamburger you find in toy sets.

I am not going to speculate on exactly what that means, but I am sure many individuals have their own opinion. I have heard of these claims of old hamburgers before and seen other examples, but I too am skeptical.  And why is it that everyone picks on McDonalds?

Seeing is believing!

I have decided to conduct my own experiment.  I talked to my oldest children last night about working with me on this. We have decided to purchase three plain hamburgers from the top three fast food restaurants and grill up one of our own.  We will take pictures daily and post them to my other Blog with a brief report.  At the first sign of trouble... Foul odors or bugs, the burger is gone!

I suspect that moistness has something to do with the future of these burgers & buns and obviously I expect to find that the fast food hamburgers will out last my own creation.  We already suspect that some are prepared, packaged and shipped to restaurants for rewarming and serving.  And of course they have to taste good, so who knows what is going into them to give them that custom flavor.

How about nutrition?  I haven't a clue, but we plan to do some research as a part of this project.

Unfortunately, many of us are not getting the proper nutrition because of our hurried lifestyles. What is amazing to me is that many don't realize the energy potential from a strong foundation of natural vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. They choose instead to rely on coffee or energy drinks for that needed boost.

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