Saturday, March 12, 2011

Kirsten's Candy "Allergy"

Kirsten's Candy Jar
Must I lie to the school district??? To protect my child and to keep the peace at home!

Is it fair that only one class of youngsters must go the whole school year with no candy, treats or special parties, because one child has many allergies.  We know that some allergies can be so severe that they can result in death, and obviously all school teachers and administrators take that very seriously. So why is it so hard to understand... That giving a child who has a problem with food and weight, extra treats, is a bad thing? With the potential of life threatening consequences!

Aaarrrgghh.... My daughter Kirsten came home from school today (she rides the bus), and in her backpack was a nicely decorated jar that was about half full of skittles candy. No note or indication of how full it started out and it's Friday. On top of that, she had a goodie bag.  The candy jar was the prize for a successful guess, 280, of "jelly beans" (skittles). 

Is it so hard to understand that with Prader-Willi Syndrome (PWS), children lack control and understanding when it comes to limits on food. Why do these teachers say they understand, when clearly they do not! And why do so many continue to reward our kids with more and more candy... When obesity is a worldwide crisis?

With many children, the effects of PWS may not be as apparent, because even those with PWS have different metabolisms and environment that affect their growth, but my daughter is overweight.

To top it all off, the behavioral issues that are a part of PWS are worsened when routines are changed or when they can't have something that is theirs. What child is not going to be upset when someone takes their candy away?

It can be very frustrating! But, to try and punish all children (take away their right to treats at school) for my daughters syndrome isn't right either. My wife has seriously considered home schooling, but school has helped keep Kirsten's mind off food... Most of the time.

Prader-Willi Syndrome is hard to understand for most, because they don't live with it and... In their minds, how can a little candy now and then hurt? Aaarrrgghh... 

Most in the PWS community understand my frustration. For a mom's view on this subject, and a great comparison for better understanding, check out my friend Laurie's Blog post "It's official - I'm twice as stressed as everyone else..."

Because of this syndrome, my daughter does not burn calories as effectively as you or I, so she can not have near the normal amount of calories for someone of the same weight.  Managing her diet is very difficult, as you can imagine, and insuring that she gets the proper nutrition is also a struggle.  It is something she will deal with her whole life.  

I have always believed that if there was a chance to give her even a fraction more of potential for the future, it would be well worth it. That being said, Kirsten takes the ShakleeKids Incredivites (multi-vitamin/mineral) and Mighty Smart (100% DHA). If my family is going to use premium dietary supplements, green cleaning products, ect., I want to be able to find peer reviewed information that is available to the public, on the internet, to back up their quality.  Shaklee has this and provides these references for the whole world to see. It is in the "Clinical Research" section of their order guide. 

Terry Guinn, A Healthier You Too

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  1. Oh Terry, how horrible that the school did this to you and your family! I would be outraged and would request a meeting with both the Sped Director and the Superintendent! It is clear, the teachers do not understand how life threatening and behaviorally challenging this situation is! Sorry....just so mad!

  2. Hi Terry, thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog! I feel your frustration with this candy situation -- like Lisa I would be outraged. My personal opinion is that there is no need for candy at school. And in O's classroom there are no treats at all. It is so distracting, causes behavioral issues, and of course there are safety concerns. Good luck...and know that we out here dealing with PWS too GET IT!!