Monday, April 12, 2010

Weight Loss Videos and So Much More!

Weight loss videos are everywhere! I happen to be doing some research this weekend in preparation for a communications workshop that I am conducting at a local college and it occurred to me that many of you may not realize that there is not only a wealth of information on the internet in general, but there are thousands and thousands of informational video’s on Youtube and other media sites. It’s where I look for tips, tricks, how to’s and inspiration.

There are video’s on anything you can imagine, including weight loss, exercise, diet do’s and don’ts and the list goes on and Youtube has a way of leading you from one subject to another if you let them, so it is best to remain focused. I came across many great video’s from “psychetruth”, one in particular gave me some food for thought and ideas to research. The “psychetruth” video was titled “The Truth About Diets and Weight Loss”. Although a lot of what Dr. Vincent Bellonzi had to say was nothing new to me, he mentioned some tips & suggestions that might be helpful, especially for my daughter who has PWS.

Then it hit me again... Like a two ton truck it hit me!

I am always looking for tips and ideas , but not just from doctors telling me to watch what I eat or what my child is eating. What does that mean exactly? I want to know what food to serve and in what proportions, but I can’t afford a dietitian or weight loss program with prepared meals. I want suggestions from people with the same struggles that I, my daughter or my family are going through. Wouldn’t it be nice to see more information from families on a regular basis about how they cope with life’s struggles? Meal suggestions, recipes and daily activities. How about family “best practices” in a weekly or daily blog.

I might be on to something here. Time to start rallying the troops to see if this battle has support.

Please read responsibly. I am not a doctor and I have no special qualifications related to the information that I provide in my blogs. I am however a devoted father who is concerned about the health, welfare and future of his family.

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