Sunday, January 23, 2011

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Warning! Proceed with caution. Reading a mothers blog may cause heart pain and eye strain.
Roaming through the world of blogging can sometimes lead you to a blog post that really touches your heart.  I on the other hand, seek out these type of posts to face head on the stark reality of the world we live in. The posts written from the heart, about children who are struggling, hit especially hard.
Doctors, books and articles written by professionals can provide a one size fits all approach to raising children, including special needs children.  But everyone knows that our children are not all the same.  They learn at different speeds and in different ways.  They grow at different speeds and in different ways. They all encounter different obstacles... Including health issues.  
I am a part of a very large community on-line whose lives have been changed due too a child being born with Prader-Willi Syndrome (PWS).  Doctors can tell you what they learned in books, but parents can share with you what they have learned in life. Reading some of the stories from these parents can be educational and inspiring, but can also be very emotionally draining at times.  I was reminded of this in recent days while reading blog posts by a mom sharing in words, her life with a little girl struggling with PWS.  Hugs denied and questions on being different, simple things with a big impact on the heart.
So why would I subject myself to such stress??? I am looking for inspiration and guidence.  Like many other parents of children who have special needs, I want real answers. I don't want the text book version of what “will be”.  I want to understand the struggles and pain from real world experiences so I can prepare myself. Even, perhaps, avoid those struggles and pain through a different approach. Not only that, I want to help others if I can, even if only through words of encouragement.  
As many parents would, I would do anything for my seven year old daughter.  I look for anything with potential for adding to a better “quality of life” for my daughter, now and for the future. 
This is also one of the reasons we started using Shaklee products in our home.  My daughter has enough health issues and we want to try to minimize the risk of her developing any others.  With her low muscle tone and limited ability to cough productively, should the need arise, and the rise in children developing asthma, we wanted to lessen her risk, as well as the risk to our other children, of breathing problems by removing as many toxins from the air as possible.  We did this by switching to “Green” cleaning products from Shaklee for the kitchen, laundry and the rest of the house.  As a result, a breathing problem I had for years has disappeared.
We also have a real concern for her nutrition, given the unreliability of the food supply and her very limited diet. So we use Shaklee vitamin supplements. I have used vitamin supplements most of my life, but noticed a big difference after using Shaklee multivitamins for a while. 

There is a wealth of information on the internet to help you and your loved ones. People around the world are sharing their real life stories to touch and inspire others. How can I help? 

Terry Guinn, A Healthier You Too

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