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Be "SMART" About It In "2011"

Today is the first day... Of the rest of your year!  It's also the beginning of those "2011" New Years resolutions.  Maybe you don't start working on those until you have fully awakened and have had a good lunch.  Or, after "New Year's Day" perhaps.  Of course, It would be a shame to waste the holiday weekend suffering.  Oops, I forgot about Monday... How can anyone expect to be successful starting something new on a Monday???

Shaklee "A million trees, a million dreams"
New Year's resolutions, or setting goals, are great for planting seeds for success in the new year, but if you don't take action, they are just dreams.  It is so easy to make or find excuses to avoid following through on your goals, and before you know it, many months have gone by, the seeds are still in the package, and you are then waiting for 2012 to start fresh with your goals... As if a specific start date is required.

Just do it!  Now!  Take the time to evaluate, estimate and create excitement! But be "SMART" about it. Is your goal a "SMART" goal?

  • Specific - Have you set a specific and realistic outcome/goal.
  • Measurable - What changes, and what does success mean? 
  • Attainable - Are your goals realistic and do you have what it takes to achieve them?
  • Relevant - Are your goals meaningful and beneficial?
  • Time Bound - How will you stay focused and know your on track?

Once you have identified and evaluated your goal, write it down, share it and create a plan to track, achieve and celebrate success.  Don't just celebrate the achievement of your goal, track your progress and celebrate every step toward success! With every step you take, you are getting closer to success and gaining confidence & strength. 

Now consider this... How will you stay on track?  
  • A chart to update regularly? 
  • A sign on your bathroom mirror as a morning reminder or inspiration?
  • A picture on your desk for encouragement?
  • A preset daily alarm in your cell phone or daily electronic reminders?
  • How about a collage of pictures that represent your dreams (new car, house, vacation, ect.)?
  • Will you share it with others who will help or hold you accountable?
For most, achieving their goals will require making changes and there in lies the biggest obstacle.  Overcoming the fear and or struggles associated with change requires a mindset for success.  This mindset exists within in all of us, otherwise we would not be alive today.  Anything is possible, but that is not to say that anything is easy. 

Victory is within your reach, if you plan your battle and stay focused on the goal. A big part of remaining focused and positive is feeling good.  With every successful step we feel more confident and excited, but when something slows us down, we can easily fall into the same old rut which is our contort zone.  A healthy lifestyle is the key to unlocking our inner strength and empowering each of us to achieve our dreams. 

If you are looking to start creating a healthier lifestyle for you and your family, Shaklee has products that can help. From natural supplements like daily vitamins for you or your children, fish oil, cholesterol reduction and probiotics, to green cleaning products for a healthy home, laundry and kitchen.     

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Terry Guinn, A Healthier You Too

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