Friday, February 11, 2011

Give it All to God For Your Health

Words to live by... Or face potential stress related health issues. 
I have written lately about many health risks that are physical in relation to environmental or manmade creations and tonight I want to write about something spiritual in the way it too can affect our health. 
All over the world people are calling for prayer. Prayer for our nation, other nations such as Egypt, for our government in their decision making, for our soldiers safety, for families in turmoil, for a loved one, for a child struggling for life, and the list goes on. To take on these burdens and worries individually would surely drive an individual to depression.  That is why we “give it all to God” in prayer.
Sounds simple, but many have not learned to simply "give it all to God" and go on their way (not that that is how it is supposed to work).  Something about seeing someone close to you suffer, a looming home foreclosure, potential employers who aren’t calling, and many other things that seem to create a heavy burden of concern. Couple that with feelings of helplessness or guilt and you might as well break out the antacids and blood pressure medicine, because God probably isn’t going to be making any special appearance just to fix your problems.  It just doesn’t work that way.
The subject of prayer has weighed heavily on my mind since Sunday at church when my Pastor spoke about it.  Almost as if God was speaking to me through my Pastor.  One thing is for sure, the signs of prayer are all around us and what I believe many overlook, is the message that might not be clear or the potential for relieving stress. What is clear, is that we cannot do “it” alone.

I therefore present three words and thoughts for your consideration. Understood and put into practice, could help many change the world and reduce stress related health risks.
  • Sharing - in anything, we should be sharing.  It is good for the heart and can change a negative into a positive which can be contagious. In the Bible, sharing the good news was not just a time of celebration for those who accepted it, but a growing of a family.  Imagine the excitement of saving a life and developing a new bond... For eternity.  I experience that same excitement when I gain a new friend on Facebook in the Prader-Willi Syndrome community.  Not only are we sharing a new friendship, but we share some of the same struggles and together, we are stronger. 
  • Prayer - in everything we should pray. God answers all prayers... Even when the answer is no.  Think about it this way.  If, through some sort of guarentee, God were to solve all your problems...  Why would you need anyone else in your life... And how could others grow?  We need each other for support, because we grow from each others needs and struggles... What good is a heart that can't be broken, melted or warmed?  Prayer can also provide answers in the way that brainstorming can provide solutions.  When we share our burdens, someone may have the resources, or need, to help.  Regardless, praying together for a common need or concern, gives us strength. 
  • Judgement - Do not judge, or you too will be judged. Judgement can be like the weeds that grow in a farmers fields. They get collected up in the harvest and can lessen the value and quality of the crops. Any time we allow negative thoughts such as judgement to become our focus, we are allowing negative energy to affect our lives. Often, judgement is placed without knowing all the facts or by making assumptions. An individual on Facebook who is cleaning out their invites box that has been filled with invitations to everything under the sun, may unknowingly click “not attending” for an event that is simply a call for simple prayer, for a newborn who is struggling for life. Imagine the friends of the family, of that infant, who see that response and think the worst of that person, who may be the nicest person on earth. 
To sum it all up.  
  • Through sharing our lives with others, our family grows and we grow stronger.  
  • Through prayer, God works through us to help others and others to help us overcome obstacles. 
  • Absent judgements, we are free of the infestation that can poison our lives and effect our outlook. 
When you "give it all to God" in prayer, you must also be willing to allow God to work through you to help others.  Like problems that create stress, loads carried by many are easier to shoulder than the same loads taken on alone.  Share, pray and accept... For your health.

One more note: People from around the world are coming together in Prayer, on Facebook, for a little girl and her family. In less than 48 hours, almost 1700 people have come together in prayer.  Check out:
Prayer Chain for EllyAnnah

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