Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Potential Milk Recall Averted!

Could you imagine a contaminated supply of milk making it into the refrigerators of thousands of homes??? It could already be happening but thanks to a decision by the FDA, under pressure from the dairy industry, we may never know.

Recent articles have revealed a disturbing revelation about our government and why we should be concerned about our food supply... LOL  Yes, it took me a little while to stop laughing too.

According to a New York Times article, the FDA has for years considered expanding testing of milk for more than the four to six antibiotics it currently tests for.  The reason being, that illegal drug residue has been showing up for years in older dairy cows bound for slaughter.

In testing that was to begin mid January, some of the farms listed on the Department of Agriculture's "violator" lists would have their milk tested to determine if there is any correlation between illegal drug residues found in tissue samples of meat from culled dairy cows and the milk supply from these farms.

Here is some interesting reading from the International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA) website, December 20, 2010, January 7, 2011, January 13, 2011 and here is the New York Times article from January 25, 2011 that is spreading like wildfire around the internet.  The following letter however, I believe, defines a clearer picture of the $$$ concerns that effected the decision. IDFA & NMPF LETTER - 12/13/10

SO... To avoid the risk of farmers being forced to dump potentially contaminated milk at a loss or the risk of contaminated milk getting into the milk supply... No tests will be done.  This reminds me of the Military's policy of "Don't ask, don't tell".  As long as we don't test it, we won't know if it is contaminated and therefore, no action needs to be taken.   Is it any wonder why many countries have a ban on some food imports from the U.S.

In doing my research for this post, I came across many disturbing things about the history of our governments decisions and their very short term memories.  That being said, my next post will reveal some unbelievable, at least in my own mind, facts about the history of one large corporation who seems to have a lot of power over this country.

How are you protecting yourself and your family against the potential risks of antibiotic-resistent infections that are believed to be a result of a poorly managed food supply, including our milk?  A great first step is to insure that you are eating as healthy a diet as possible to give your body the strength to fight the attacks from mutations, toxins and chemicals that are a major part of our food supply and environment these days.  Have you considered using dietary supplements? 65% of Americans use them, including my family.  Only the best for my family, from Shaklee.  For my family, and especially my little girl who has Prader-Willi Syndrome, Shaklee products give me hope for the future.
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