Friday, October 8, 2010

Living With Worms For Good Health

Have you ever eaten something disgusting on a dare? How about out of curiosity?  I've had my share of those glorious moments, especially while in the Army.  I also had one of those moments just recently with a cleaning product we've been using.  Don't worry, it was organic!  It did leave a bad taste for an hour or so that I couldn't get rid of.

Why would I do that? Why do we try anything that sounds or looks disgusting?  Who in their right mind really likes the taste of a cigarette, beer or coffee that first time?  I can remember trying cigarettes, but I just never could get past the coughing or taste, even in as much as I really wanted to "look cool".  When it comes to beer, that was a little easier.  It started as a game of quarters and I like a challenge, of course after enough misses and penalty drinks, taste and common sense are pretty much out the window. Coffee was the easiest to develop a taste for, especially with enough cream & sugar.

So what is it that drives us to try things that we know are bad for us, things that taste bad or things that are just to disgusting to imagine? That's easy! Weight loss, energy boosts, depression, boredom... Or a search for a "miracle cure".  The internet is full of off the wall remedies that don't sound appealing at all.  However, I believe I have come across the most unappealing cure of them all.  It involves "worm therapy".  Can you imagine allowing parasitic worms to enter your body in the name of good health?  Makes my skin crawl just thinking about it!

Believe it or not, way back in the day when we weren't as clean as we are today, it is believed that these parasitic worms were a natural form of human defenses against things like asthma, allergies and many other autoimmune diseases... Which were, by the way, a rarity by todays standards.  Check out the story behind these creepy crawlers... Click here.

I guess you could say that these parasitic worms could be a part of natural health and perhaps that earth worm your child just consumed on a dare may not be a good reason for a quick trip to the emergency room. So many "new and improved" chemical cleaners, hand sanitizers, processed foods and synthetic medicines. We are taking in so many chemicals and reengineered products, in so many ways, that our old tenants, the worms, didn't stand a chance.

Have you thought about how you can regain a more natural way of living that could perhaps extend your life as well as boost your energy levels or performance? I am not suggesting that you stop cleaning the house or start serving earth worms at meals. How about organic cleaners for laundry, dishes, windows and surface cleaning? Plain old soap and water for your hands? How about a nutritional source that is not laden with chemicals and toxins?  Perhaps if we detoxify our homes, and our bodies, the worms will return... Can that really be a good thing?

I'm not so sure that I want to "have worms", but natural nutrition and a healthy home is good for your health and for our planet. For natural products from the #1 Natural Nutrition Company in the U.S., please go to my website.

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