Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Putting That Lazy Thyroid Back to Work!

     AARRRGGG!  Don't you just hate it when you've been spending money that you didn't have to!  OK, perhaps I have jumped the gun a little.  Let me explain...

     I have been taking thyroid medicine for about ten years because of a thyroid disfunction caused by treatment for hepatitis C which I likely contracted in the Army. I had looked at natural alternatives many years ago, but I was to big a coward to take the risk of changing over to something that was not backed by medical professionals. Beside that, management and balance of a dysfunctional thyroid can take months, which means months of discomfort.  

     Doctor visits, as I am sure you will agree, can seem rushed with little accomplished and you can get the feeling sometimes that the doctor doesn't want to be bothered with the what if's and the possibilities.  A few months ago I took a question of possibilities, to my doctor on an annual physical, about my thyroid and the need for continued medication.  I had found an article suggesting that it was possible that the thyroid could rebound and that any medication being taken could be acting as a crutch preventing the thyroid from being fully functional (yes, it is a little more complicated). 

     I am happy to say that after follow-up blood work that produced normal levels from a couple of months on half a dose of my medicine... I stopped taking my medicine all together.  Although I do feel a little off, that is to be expected by any change to the chemical processes of the body. Follow up for final clearance is in six weeks. 

     So many people are avoiding the "what if" possibilities in life when it comes to their health and as a result, are going through life on crutches provided by a doctor who is trying to keep them comfortable... Perhaps more so than keep them healthy.

     Of course I am not suggesting that you ignore the advice of your doctor.  What I am suggesting is that you empower yourself with knowledge and explore healthier options in everything. I would not be on this journey had I not started trying to better understand and question things.  Through a better understanding gained in my own research, I have been able to formulate better questions and communicate those questions clearly to get better results.  

     My journey to get myself off thyroid medicine is not guaranteed, nor is it yet complete.  I am taking the advice of my doctor  and being monitored in my progress. I am also supporting my efforts through a good exercise program, a healthy diet and a daily regimen of nutritional supplements that includes a very potent cellular anti-aging tonic.

     What are you doing to free yourself from the crutches that hold you prisoner?  Regular exercise, a  healthy diet and proper nutrition is a great way to start. How about freeing yourself from some of those  toxins in the air?  If you would like more information about healthy home products that are good for the environment and your health, as well as nutritional supplements information... I can help.  As a Shaklee Independent Distributor for the #1 Natural Nutrition Company in the U. S., I want to help you and your family on your journey to better health.  Please visit my website at for contact and product information. 

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  1. I has a serious sleeping problem. But since I tried porcine thyroid , I was no longer in pain. My thyroid levels were elevated.