Thursday, December 30, 2010

Have It Your Way... In 2011!

Hold the pickle, hold the lettuce... "Have it your way"!  Can I get mold with mine???

I have been conducting an experiment and reporting on it in my other Blog "Terry' Notebook". It started with hamburgers 63 days ago because I saw a presentation that included as a prop, an eleven year old McDonald's hamburger. Being the skeptic that I am, I had to see for myself whether a hamburger could actually last eleven years without molding, so I started the "Terry Guinn, Hamburger Experiment".  It was soon followed by the "Terry Guinn, French Fry Experiment".  After researching the processing of these fast foods and finding no real excitement (and very little mold) in these experiments, I started the "Terry Guinn, Mold Watch Experiment".  
I spent 63 days so far, watching and waiting for 4 hamburgers to mold.
Now I have 4 hamburgers that will likely outlive me and be passed on to future generations of Guinn's... It could happen!  

I am excited to say that there is now mold to see.  What I am reminded of from this experiment is that I have had the control of the outcome all along... To "Have it my way".   I could have changed the outcome of my experiments with temperature, humidity, environment, lighting, air, ect.  We can achieve any goal with persistence, enough preparation and if we create the right circumstances. That is not to say that it will be easy.

Of course, as with anything, we can have or do anything we set our mind to. We control our own destiny and can change course anytime if we don't like the current heading. Change can be difficult at first, but in time it will become a part of our routine.  

The new year is fast approaching. Do you have the patience, drive and tenacity to do what it takes to make changes in your life? To "Have it your way"?  Sounds like a good New Year's resolution.

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