Sunday, September 12, 2010

Proceed in Health, With Caution...

I have been getting many questions lately about the successes of my daughter and myself, as far as our health is related. Especially because I started a new business as a Shaklee Independent Distributor some time before some of those successes. Shaklee has many great products that have many benefits for natural health, however, I am not qualified to suggest specific nutritional solutions for anyone because we all have differing needs. I couldn’t handle that kind of guilt!  

Everyone is looking for a healthy miracle. Perhaps those of us with health issues or loved ones who suffer are looking just a little harder. The fact is that no such miracle exists. Common sense and taking care of our body is most important. That includes proper nutrition, diet, exercise and... Professional medical advice. Decisions made affecting your health should be done through understanding & knowledge gained through research, professional medical advice and a 2nd opinion if necessary.

We must always... Proceed in health, with caution...

I met a young lady recently who is trying natural alternatives for treating her Multiple Sclerosis, as opposed to the treatments that can have some nasty side affects. She is a Shaklee Ind. Dist. and is using Shaklee products. She has seen the results of another and is excited to discus her success so far (I believe it has been a year), but cautions that this is a personal choice and follow up with medical professionals is crucial.

One of my relatives through marriage has high blood pressure and because of the economy, has struggled to make ends meet. To complicate matters, he can't afford health insurance or the doctor visits & prescriptions needed. He has always been a book worm and very intelligent, so he does know how to eat right to manage his high blood pressure... However, a recent work related infection sent him to the hospital and sent his blood pressure through the roof.

I have Hepatitis C (Gunshot “83” - Grenada) and have had treatment that didn't get rid of the virus, but it was effective enough to allow my liver to heal from stage 2 to stage 0. I have been able to avoid further treatments for the past 10 years, I believe, because I have taken care of myself. While being treated for Hepatitis C, my thyroid lost some function (one of the risks of synthetic drugs) and as a result, I have been on a thyroid medicine for the past 10 years. Although I have looked at natural options in the past to take the place of the medicine prescribed, I have never had the courage to try them because of the risk. Due to my overall glowing lab results from a recent doctors visit, I am working with my doctor to ween myself off the thyroid medicine. I believe that because of the potent regimen of nutritional supplements, including a cellular anti-aging tonic, that I have a good chance. That being said, I have done the research to make this decision and I have consulted my doctor who will be monitoring my progress closely.

One more story to share about my daughter who has Prader-Willi Syndrome. As parents of special needs children, we can get excited about things that seem to have life changing potential for our special needs children. I started using a very potent cellular anti-aging tonic and thought to myself... What if I gave this to my daughter? With the prescription medicines she is on and from what I have experienced myself from damage caused by medicines... Could this help her? I talked to her Endocrinologist and discovered (common sense) that children are still developing in many ways, including the chemistry that exists within them. To provide a supplement for a process that already exists, could inhibit that process and the development of that process. It is kind of like my thyroid. It may not come back fully after so many years of healing because it has had the crutch of medicine to lean on for so long.

The point of these stories is that we are different in age, weight, height, situation, health and body chemistry. There is no one size fits all remedy for what ails us. There are things we can use to improve our health, but only with proper understanding and plenty of cautious scrutiny.

I have used nutritional supplements off and on most of my life with great success, but I would never risk the health of my family without specific proven research or studies and never without the guidance of trained medical professionals. That being said, my opinion is that everyone needs the right nutritional supplements, especially those of us getting on in age. A lot of the food we eat today is getting more and more polluted with chemicals and government approved "acceptable levels" of toxins. And as a result of food processing and the effects of the processing, our foods can lose some of there nutritional value. It is getting harder to find a healthy balance.

The road to better health is a long one and requires persistence & patience. Proceed in health, with caution... In any decisions you make for your health, and contact me if you would like more information about Shaklee products.

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