Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Building Blocks for a Healthy Future

I wrote an essay recently for a contest about a life changing moment that has been the cornerstone of my success throughout my life.  I have referred to that experience most often in business as "preventive maintenance".  It is a lesson of sacrifice and change to be better prepared for and possibly avoid the worse.  For me in that life changing period of time, it wasn't about sacrifices made willingly, but it did force change into my life.  That life changing moment came in the climax of what was believed to be an unlikely opportunity for combat action.

  • In the early 80's I was learning to fight in the military.  I wasn't enjoying it because of the repetition, long hours and circumstances or beliefs, but I was changing. In 1983 I had to use that training in real combat and I am here today because of it. 
  • During my 23 year career in the dairy industry, I focused on preventive maintenance in everything.  Not just equipment, but in training of employees, ect, which resulted in an opportunity to open four of what became the most successful distribution centers in the Company. 
  • This year I had to take a harder look at and work with my 6 year old special needs daughter on her diet, and I sacrificed my own love of food for my daughters health, so I could share her diet as a good example.  As a result, I am healthier than I have been in a long, long time and as with everything, after the original struggles, maintenance gets easier to manage.

As we fight so hard to make necessary changes, those little victories each day are creating a strong foundation for good habits and our good habits are the  building blocks for a healthy future.  What was in the past to be a torturous effort to change, becomes a good habit that in many cases could save your life.  "Preventive Maintenance" is especially important when it comes to healthier choices in our diet.  Through poor diet, your body may have become accustomed to working harder than it needs to and as a result could be causing irreparable damage.  Making healthy changes may not be easy as your body adapts to the changes, but you may notice some big differences in time.

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Note: My essay was chosen as a winning entry for a weekly prize and is in the running for the grand prize.  The contest is being conducted by APX Alarm on Facebook.  For a look at the essay  about my experience in combat, click the link below.
Back to School Weekly Essay Contest Winner: Terry Guinn

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