Monday, September 6, 2010

The Weight is Over...

Can it be true? Have I finally achieved a new plateau and weight loss is on the horizon? Could it be that "the weight is over..."? Yeah... right.

I just celebrated my 51st birthday and my family took me out to dinner. We don't go out much anymore, so this was a real treat for all of us. We went to my favorite restaurant so I could get my favorite mexican skillet. My mouth watered with anticipation as the waitress brought out my long awaited special treat. And it was delicious!!! I savored every mouthful as I dug into my meal.

Half way through my meal I noticed a feeling I had not experienced for a long time and never from my favorite meal... I was feeling full! All sorts of thoughts began running through my head as to how such a thing could occur and ruin such a joyful experience. Did I eat to fast? Am I coming down with something? Did I drink to many liquids? IS MY STOMACH SHRINKING??? Could that be it? Could my stomach be shrinking? I had, been eating smaller amounts at meals for the past ten months because I share with my six year old who requires a special diet. That must be it I decided.

As always, anytime I get a thought, idea or question about the bodies chemistry or function... I go to the all mighty Internet to search for answers. I have been doing this for years, but with much more intensity over the past ten months as I have tried to get a better understanding in an effort to help my six year old who has Prader-Willi Syndrome (PWS). Diet is extremely important for her and with her condition, nutrition has also been a major concern of mine.

In my efforts to find out the feasibility of the stomach shrinking, I was disappointed to find that it is not possible (WebMD is a great resource). What I did find however were some interesting articles that suggested that body chemistry can also affect and trigger feelings of satiety for different reasons. Things I had read about before but these were presented in a different light and I had always looked for information, other than the chemical signals because the chemical process does not work properly in individuals with PWS like my daughter. It makes sense thought, that my body may have been telling me that I had reached my nutritional needs. I have been taking a very potent dose of daily supplements that may have, with some food intake, triggered a chemical process giving me that full feeling.

When you think about it, our body communicates with us in many ways and it is all controlled by chemical processes. Just as we join Toastmasters to improve our oral communication, we must do what it takes to improve the communication process within our bodies. You can, through Toastmasters, reduce and eliminate the verbal clutter in your oral communication to make you a more effective communicator and you can through proper diet, exercise and I can't emphasize enough the importance of proper nutrition... Reduce and eliminate some of the clutter affecting your bodies communication, to reenergize your bodies effectiveness in communication and weight management.

The weight “gain” IS over... But only with proper diet, exercise and nutrition.

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One final note of interest, after successfully gaining control of my daughters weight, as well as my own, for the past nine months... I am excited to report that my six year old has lost five pounds over the past five weeks and I have lost three.

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