Tuesday, December 28, 2010

"2011" The Adventure Begins

5, 4, 3, 2, 1... Happy New Year!!!  Are you ready for a new adventure?  A new year means new opportunities and new goals, but perhaps there is still much life and opportunity in the current adventure.

With only 4 days remaining we need to gather our thoughts, determine our goals and create our plan of attack for the upcoming year.  What is it you intend to do differently?  What goals have you set?  Where do you want to be at the start of 2012?

Maybe we should first recognize our accomplishments for the current year, to get a better perspective on the things we can build upon in 2011.

I accomplished a lot in 2010 thanks to a friend with a lot of experience in business, marketing, internet & social media and, who also happens to be a doctor.  Thanks to my friend, who has become my mentor, one of my biggest accomplishments was in changing my eating habits and as a result, improving my health. This is not something I set out to do.  My goal was to help my daughter Kirsten, through a better understanding, get the most out of life. For all that read my Blog, you hear over and over about my daughter Kirsten who has Prader-Willi Syndrome.  Kirsten is the reason for all the research I have done on:
  • the bodies chemistry and processes 
  • the effect of the environment on our children 
  • the way our food is processed 
  • the chemicals going into our food and it's packaging
  • GMO's and the FDA's GRAS stamp of approval
  • proper nutrition and the supplement industry 
Looking at this kind of stuff is enough to send anyone on a lifelong fast.  I of course could not learn everything there is to know about these things in such a short time, but I did gain a better understanding than many who are not in professions associated with such things. 

For my daughter, I stopped eating most junk food.  For my daughter, I started eating a lot more fruits & vegetables. For my daughter, I gained a better understanding of how I could help her.  What started as a demonstration for my daughter, has become a good routine for both of us and I haven't felt this good in many years.

Most of my life I have been on the go, working or on call 24/7.  This year has been a wake up call. While looking for work and learning new skills, I have been able to spend more time with my family and find new ways to improve their lives.   I have also found new ways to help others and one of those ways has turned out to have great potential for building a full time income... Just by helping others, and through their success I am empowered to help many more.  

There is no secret to my new found success in health.  We have worked hard to Shaklee-ize our home by using Shaklee healthy home products, daily essentials and supplements. We also exercise more, eat more fruits & vegetables and we have cut way down on unhealthy "junk" foods.

Are you looking to be adventurous or working on an adventure of your own.  Achieving goals in life, especially those related to improved health, can be quite an adventure and having a solid base of support can be invaluable. I want to help you achieve those goals if I am able.  How can I help?

December is a great month to treat your family to the quality products they deserve.  Shaklee products are always safealways work, and are always green.   Several promotions available, including the "Free Membership" offer below. If you would like more information about Shaklee products, please contact me, Terry Guinn, through my website at  www.ahealthieryoutoo.com or if you would like to checkout the products for yourself, go to my Shaklee page at www.ahealthieryoutoo.myshaklee.com 

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