Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Grinch Who Stole... My Unemployment Extension!

Imagine our government actually passing the Unemployment Extension without any catch or compromise.  Done for the people!  Yeah, right!!!  Don't let them steal your holiday spirit.

Many people have been scrambling to figure out what they were going to do, not just for the holidays but, going forward without an unemployment extension if it came to that. Many continue to stress over financial shortfalls, and as a result, are creating health issues that just compound their problems digging them deeper into a hole, all along thinking to themselves... Thank goodness they will pass the  extension, now I will try to do things differently to make sure I don't fall short again. Or, if I had just done this or that years ago...  Does this sound like you?

Can I make a suggestion... STOP waiting for the government!!!  Whether you are struggling or want to prepare for the uncertain future, today is the first day of the rest of your life.  Take action now, for your future! 

You probably can't make $1000 in the next 60 minutes as so many promise on the internet, but you can create an income over time with a little effort. The following are some thoughts to consider (and help you reprogram your thought processes) that could benefit your health and your wallet.  

  • Have you ever been so excited about something or believed in something so much that you shared it with a friend and they became excited? Sharing your excitement about something is sales without pressure.  
  • What if by sharing your excitement, you could make others happy? Sales is helping others get what they want and who doesn't want to feel good when we purchase something. 

I say this because there are many opportunities that scare people, simply because they don't have all the information.  

Consider this... If you were to share with just one person each month and they would decide to buy something from you on a regular basis, at the end of twelve months you would have 12 repeat customers. The commissions may not cover your daily trip to Starbucks, but it is more than you had twelve months ago. Year two, what if you did that again and some of your first year customers found customers of their own, making the same commissions, and you received a small commission for their sales also.  By now, you might be making enough in commissions to make that car payment.  What if you did this even faster.... 12 repeat customers each month?

This is what can be done with little effort as a Shaklee Independent Distributor and this is what I do.  Not everyone has the same results because all customers have different buying habits and God help you if your customers (I haven't seen this and it is highly unlikely) only buy the Basic H 16oz size for $10.35.  This concentrated solution is a great product and, mixed with water in different amounts, is a powerful all natural window cleaner, all purpose cleaner and degreaser... And it is more than a years supply for most households.  

All I'm saying here is, don't let the grinch or the government ruin your holidays. Consider checking out Shaklee products that are guaranteed and if you have an interest in checking out the Shaklee opportunity to become an Independent distributor, contact me through my website link below. I would love to answer any questions you have and if you choose to work with me, I will help you every step of the way. Your success is my success.
December is a great month to treat your family to the quality products they deserve.  Shaklee products are always safealways work, and are always green.   Several promotions available, including the "Free Membership" offer below. If you would like more information about Shaklee products, please contact me through my website at or if you would like to checkout the products for yourself, go to my Shaklee page at 

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