Friday, December 3, 2010

Food Safety Modernization Bull

It won't be long now before billions of people are dying from starvation!

I couldn't help but get lost tonight in a trail of video's and interesting headlines that were fueled by the Food Safety Modernization Bill.  From "Jon Stewart tackles Food Safety Paranoia" to "3 Billion will die!!!" There was speculation about anything from outlawing gardening to making nutrients illegal, including by prescription, with the goal of world domination. 

Thats the problem with these bills, even those that write these documents that can be 100's of pages long may not clearly understand them. Whats worse is that even though they are written in such great detail, they can still be vague and open to interpretation...  Feeding those who are out to make a name for themselves by interpreting these bills for us. Bless their hearts!

I think Jon Stewart said it best "The Senate passed something!"

Now we can move on and work on the next step toward food safety which by the way, logically, would include new jobs.  Think about it... A new department in the FDA, new guidelines on food safety for companies which translates into equipment/production upgrades and perhaps increased quality control personnel, and more frequent FDA inspections.  

Perhaps this could lead to tighter controls in what actually goes into our food. If the government is now actually going to take responsibility for food safety, they now actually have to understand what goes into our food... Instead of "asking" companies to insure that the food is safe, which is as we all know based on interpretation.  I know... I live in a fantasy world. 

But wait, this can't be good!!! "Foodmakers backing $1.4 billion food-safety bill".  Maybe I better take another look at that video about 3 billion dying, which also mentioned big business taking over the world and something about nutrition being outlawed!

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